Memorial Regulations

The following rules concerning memorization have been established to maintain the dignity, reverence and beauty of the cemetery's holy grounds and are designed to benefit all.

The Cemetery reserves the right to prescribe the type, design, size, symbolism, craftsmanship, quality and material of all memorials, monuments or markers placed in the cemetery. The Cemetery also has the final decision on placement, positioning and orientation of headstones. All memorials are subject to compliance with the following rules, with all exceptions to be confirmed in writing by the Cemetery Director. These will be granted only under extraordinary circumstances.

General Policy

  • Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery is a religious cemetery dedicated to the Church's sacred duty to bury the dead and console those who mourn. As a sacred place of faith, honor and prayer for the deceased, memorial design and inscriptions must reflect Christian ideals.
  • Memorials installed in the cemetery must be of professional quality and of natural stone or bronze material. Homemade memorials are not allowed. The cemetery may, at the expense of the holder, remove any memorial that is improper or has become dilapidated, is unsightly or dangerous.
  • Stone memorials may be purchased from any monument company servicing the cemetery. Flat bronze markers may be purchased from the cemetery office. The Veterans Administration will provide memorials for qualified veterans at no cost. These can be requested through the cemetery office. There is a small charge for the foundation and setting of these memorials.
  • Memorials may be installed on gravesites only after the cemetery account is paid in full. That includes burial expenses, pre-need grave expenses, and the memorial permit/perpetual care fee. Perpetual care is defined as routine trimming of the memorial. It does not include maintenance of the memorial; e.g., raising sunken marker’s, repair of cracked foundations, re-jointing loose monuments, etc.
  • The Cemetery charges a permit fee for each monument or marker placed in the Cemetery by monument dealers. This fee is usually paid by the monument dealer to the cemetery at the time of installation. The fee varies by type and size of the monument and may be passed on the lot holder by the monument dealer as part of the cost of the monument.
  • Cemetery personnel are trained in the proper operation of equipment and instructed to use the utmost care in the maintenance of the cemetery. The cemetery is not responsible for any damage caused by vandalism, weather, age, ground movement or as a result of normal maintenance and burial operations.
  • Cemetery must receive a copy of your design for approval prior to production to eliminate oversights to our regulations and/or miscommunications between families, vendors and cemetery.

Memorial and Vase Requirements

  • Flat versus Upright Memorials:

Only flat markers and ground-level vases are authorized in the following areas: Graves one (1) through four (4) in Plats A through K, St. Vincent, Holy Cross, Infant Section, Cremains Gardens and the Lawn Crypt Section. Lawn Crypt Section requires a 16x24 inch bronze marker purchased from the cemetery. Markers for St. Vincent, Holy Cross and Cremains Gardens must be purchased through the cemetery.

Either upright monuments or flat markers are authorized in graves five (5) through eight (8) in Plats A through K. Standing vases are authorized if mounted on the upright monument rock pitch base. Upright monuments set above the surface of the ground must be set plumb and level.

  • Size:
    1. Memorials on single grave sites cannot exceed a width of 36 inches including the concrete border.
    2. Side-by-side (2) gravesites cannot have memorials exceeding 72 inches including the concrete border.
    3. Memorials on designated infant gravesites in Plats B, D and G cannot exceed a width of 22 inches and a length of 14 inches, including the concrete border.
    4. Memorials in the Holy Cross Cremains section of Plat I cannot exceed a width of 11 inches and a length of 11 inches, including the concrete border.
    5. Any memorial exceeding 72 inches must be approved by the cemetery director.
  • Style:
    1. Wedge markers must have either a four (4) inch nosing above ground or rest on a rock pitch base.
    2. Straight dies must rest on a rock pitch base. The only exception is an upright VA monument which is set in a concrete foundation. When a monument consists of two or more sections, at least two steel dowels must be installed between the sections.
    3. Flat markers must be flush with the ground and have either a concrete border or a two inch flange.
  • Engraving:
    1. Upright monuments may not be engraved on the west face of memorials unless the lot holder owns both the east and the west gravesites.
    2. Memorial engraving should face toward the east. Exceptions are permitted for unusual circumstances; e.g., graves next to a road or a fence, or facing a family monument.

All special requests must be cleared with the Cemetery Director. Mt. Calvary office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.